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Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )

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Image of Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )
  • Image of Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )
  • Image of Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )
  • Image of Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )
  • Image of Tyrant 10 ( HENCHMAN )

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The Tyrant was designed, tested and produced one at a time by me, Mike Gilbert. This has been a long time coming and I hope that other anglers are able to experience the same success that the Tyrant has brought me over the past several years. This is not a mass production bait and numbers are very limited. The Tyrant's intended use is for the more advanced angler, familiar with the Beast Hook application, with an angler possessing the ability to make adjustments to large soft plastic swimbaits as needed for their specific conditions. The Tyrant should not be your first swimbait.

Originally designed to be a fish anywhere snag-less wedge tail big bait, the Tyrant has evolved into something much more ( as seen in the "COMMUNION" video.) More information to come with videos after the initial release.


Length: 10 Inches
Weight: 6 ounces
Fit: 12/0 Weighted Beast Hook (sold separately)


Headcase Harness:
Internal anchoring system to ensure accurate hook placement and increased durability

Echo Chamber:
Collapsible internal cavity for superior hook penetration ( dual purpose )

Stealth Mode Weight Pocket:
Weighted Beast Hook profile reduction design

Dissident Tail:
Dual action tail that exhibits lateral movement and vertical rotation and varying speeds. ( Licensed under US Patent #10729114 )

Reusable package for storage. Do not throw away.

The Tyrant is a hand-made swimbait from start to finish. There will be slight differences from bait to bait.

These differences will include the following:
- Plastic color
- Paint Pattern/Color
- Small Cosmetic Blemishes or dents

Any differences in the aesthetics of the Tyrant will not change performance as a tool to catch giant bass.