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Shipping x Tracking

We've changed our international shipping policy. Due to ongoing issues with packages making it to their desired destination, we can no longer take responsibility for international shipments that are lost or fail to arrive.  We continue to offer worldwide shipping, but the costs and risks are now assumed by the customer. Post-purchase, you'll receive a tracking number in your email that enables you to follow your package throughout its journey. It's important to verify your delivery address during checkout to ensure your order reaches you without issue.

We ship with USPS. Domestic and International.
If you use a PO BOX to receive USPS mail, please use that address at checkout

Domestic: $10.00
All Domestic orders will be shipped at the most cost effective rate with consideration to speed of delivery. 

International: $30.00 - $65.00

All International orders will be shipped at the most cost effective rate including orders with baits.  We prefer to ship them Priority Mail international, but that is no longer possible given the rates these days.


If all information provided at checkout was accurate, you will receive shipment and tracking information once your order has shipped. On occasion, our shipping software does not recognize an address that was provided at checkout or the address provided was incorrect.  In this case, we will contact you to confirm your address once all other orders have shipped.  If upon review of your purchase confirmation you notice your email address or shipping address are incorrect, please contact us via email.  Be sure to include your name, order number and statement of the issue that needs to be addressed along with the correct address.

- We process orders in the order they were received. To help streamline our operations and better serve our customers, we kindly ask for your cooperation. If you receive a purchase confirmation after a product release, we request you wait 3 business days before sending inquiries about shipping and tracking. This allows us to process orders more efficiently.

- We do not combine multiple orders automatically or upon request after bait drops . Though a customer's multiple orders may have only been placed within 30 seconds of each other, more often then not they are 100's of orders separate from each other on our side. Combining orders causes major delays and can lead to incorrect shipments.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.