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Citizen 7 ( Menace ) 2pk.

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Menace Color Profile:
Back: Black with gold hi-lite packed.
Belly: Light silver pearl with subtle Red Hi-Lite.

Freshly redesigned, tested and hand crafted by Mike Gilbert, the Citizen is back from the grave. The new Citizen 7 "snag-less" swimbait still has all the features anglers love with a few upgrades. In addition to the innovative Stealth Mode hook slot, Tormentor Twist Tail and Chaos Chamber, the new Citizen now comes with the Headcase Harness and some small cosmetic upgrades in scaling and durability.

The Citizen is a soft PVC lure so toothy critters (especially Turtles) will bite off the tails. We stand behind our products so please reach out to us if you have any issue outside of wear and tear with our baits. Be sure to pick up some SB Weld for all of your soft bait repairs. It can extend the life of your bait greatly.

These are hand poured colors so they will vary slightly from bait to bait and from picture.

Sold as a 2 pack. (Hooks not included) Package should be kept and used to store rigged and unrigged baits.

The Citizen 7 sits perfectly on most 10/0 weighted beast style swimbait hooks, but was designed to be fished on an Owner 10/0 - 1/2oz Beast Hook. Fishing the Citizen 7 on a heavier hook will compromise the bait.

Length: 7" Weight: 2 oz (unrigged)

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